It's more than a brand, It's  lifestyle

Wats dat phunk??

P'Phunk Inc. is a mixture of  art,  fashion, music, and every avenue of self expression in-between. We are  dedicated to bringing a variety of special elements to our brand.  Organic apparel is our first  expression we focus on.  Things have changed massively overtime. Mostly people understand the importance of staying healthy for themselves. In fact, it’s becoming a way of life. Even the fashion industry shuns advertising poor health choices. Everyone would like to stay committed  to “Going Green”, 

mostly thinking about the food we eat.  What about the largest organ we have, our skin?  Let's take it one step further.  Let's think about the effects of non eco-friendly apparel production. We can't help it, we wear it everyday! Synthetic blends such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, and rayon basically everything thats not  organic, recyclable or biodegradable.  P'Phunk Inc. is here to introduce to you a new way of  being stylish and environmentally conscious. With  our  brand, organic, eco-friendly products are at your fingertips.